File Type:CSH - Photoshop Shape (.csh)
Author:matt gentile
License:Creative commons attribution license
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File Contents

#File NameFile SizeFile Type
1Pixel UI Icon Set - Custom Vector Shapes.csh114.14 KBPhotoshop Shape
2Add.png2.83 KBImage
3Arrange Documents.png2.77 KBImage
4Battery 100 Percent.png2.78 KBImage
5Battery 25 Percent.png2.79 KBImage
6Battery 50 Percent.png2.79 KBImage
7Battery 75 Percent.png2.79 KBImage
8Battery Charging.png2.84 KBImage
9Blank Page.png2.77 KBImage
10Blur Tool.png2.90 KBImage
11Calender.png2.81 KBImage
12Camera.png3.00 KBImage
13Clock.png2.98 KBImage
14cloud.png2.88 KBImage
15Comment.png2.86 KBImage
16Comments.png2.88 KBImage
17Copy 1.png2.80 KBImage
18Copy 2.png2.80 KBImage
19Credit Card.png2.82 KBImage
20Crop Tool.png2.81 KBImage
21Cross.png2.82 KBImage
22Download.png2.90 KBImage
23Elliptical Marquee Tool.png2.92 KBImage
24Equalizer 1.png2.77 KBImage
25Equalizer 2.png2.78 KBImage
26Equalizer 3.png2.77 KBImage
27Equalizer 4.png2.78 KBImage
28Equalizer 5.png2.78 KBImage
29Equalizer 6.png2.78 KBImage
30Equalizer 7.png2.80 KBImage
31Equalizer 8.png2.79 KBImage
32Eraser.png2.81 KBImage
33Eyedropper Tool.png2.81 KBImage
34Female User.png2.93 KBImage
35Full Screen Mode.png2.88 KBImage
36Graph 1.png2.78 KBImage
37Graph 2.png2.78 KBImage
38Graph 3.png2.76 KBImage
39Graph 4.png2.76 KBImage
40Grid View 2.png2.78 KBImage
41Grid View.png2.76 KBImage
42Heart.png2.94 KBImage
43Keychain.png2.81 KBImage
44List View.png2.76 KBImage
45Location.png2.96 KBImage
46Mail.png2.87 KBImage
47Male User.png2.91 KBImage
48Mouse 2.png2.91 KBImage
49Mouse.png2.89 KBImage
50Next.png2.89 KBImage
51Notepad.png2.84 KBImage
52Page No Text.png2.76 KBImage
53Page With Text.png2.79 KBImage
54Paintbrush Tool.png2.94 KBImage
55Pause.png2.76 KBImage
56Pen Tool.png2.91 KBImage
57Play.png2.86 KBImage
58Previous.png2.89 KBImage
59Profile Info.png2.89 KBImage
60Rectangular Marquee Tool.png2.77 KBImage
61Remove.png2.75 KBImage
62Ruler.png2.79 KBImage
63Screen Mode 1.png2.78 KBImage
64Screen Mode 2.png2.79 KBImage
65Search.png2.96 KBImage
66Shape Layers.png2.79 KBImage
67Signal.png2.79 KBImage
68Star 1.png2.99 KBImage
69Star 2.png2.92 KBImage
70Stop.png2.76 KBImage
71Tag.png2.85 KBImage
72Tick.png2.94 KBImage
73Trash.png2.83 KBImage
74Upload.png2.90 KBImage
75View Extras.png2.79 KBImage
76Web Page.png2.79 KBImage
77Zoom In.png2.96 KBImage
78Zoom Out.png2.96 KBImage
79Pixel UI Icon Set 365.psd5.00 MBn/a
80Pixel UI Icon Set 365 - preview 1.jpg381.32 KBImage
81READ ME.txt258.00 BText
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