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#File NameFile SizeFile Type
1.DS_Store6.00 KBn/a
2.DS_Store6.00 KBn/a
3.DS_Store6.00 KBn/a
4Blender Shapes For Brushes.blend1.01 MBn/a
5~ Blender Notes.rtf633.00 Bn/a
6.DS_Store6.00 KBn/a
7Angled Plank.png123.68 KBImage
8Carbon Atom 2.png392.60 KBImage
9Carbon Atom.png323.01 KBImage
10Circle Line.png148.71 KBImage
11Circle of Cubes.png156.47 KBImage
12Cube.png135.77 KBImage
13Diamond.png89.66 KBImage
14Full Orthographic Torus.png314.49 KBImage
15Inner Torus.png433.54 KBImage
16Little Circle of Cubes.png122.75 KBImage
17Plane 2.png76.94 KBImage
18Plane.png77.43 KBImage
19Sphere 2.png372.48 KBImage
20Sphere.png243.48 KBImage
21Triangle Hexagon.png867.78 KBImage
22Triangle.png145.75 KBImage
23Water Molecule Orth.png436.91 KBImage
24Water Molecule.png384.00 KBImage
25Weird Shape.png196.65 KBImage
26~ Raw Render Notes.rtf557.00 Bn/a
27Genesis Brush Pack V1.abr8.02 MBPhotoshop Brush
28~ Read Me.rtf43.47 KBn/a
29._.DS_Store120.00 Bn/a
30._Genesis Brush Pack V1.abr210.00 BPhotoshop Brush
31._~ Read Me.rtf437.00 Bn/a
32._.DS_Store120.00 Bn/a
33._Genesis-Brushes-V1-dA.jpg267.00 BImage
34._.DS_Store120.00 Bn/a
35._~ Blender Notes.rtf485.00 Bn/a
36._.DS_Store120.00 Bn/a
37._Carbon Atom 2.png177.00 BImage
38._~ Raw Render Notes.rtf421.00 Bn/a
39*.com.html196.00 BText
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